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Excel Research Skills (online) is a Course

Excel Research Skills (online)


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Full course description

This research-oriented online course provides over three hours of video demonstration, as well as practice files, so that you can expand your toolkit and learn to more efficiently collect, analyze, visualize, present, and publish your data using Microsoft Excel.

Specific topics include:

  • Essential Excel functionality
  • Data preparation
  • Special cell addresses & ranges
  • Research formulas, functions, and named ranges
  • Catgorizing data using VLOOKUP
  • IF functions for variable calculations
  • PivotTables for summary analysis of research data
  • Presenting data tables in PowerPoint
  • Data visualizations
  • Using charts in presentations
  • Exporting high-quality charts for publication
  • Captioning figures in a manuscript or report
  • Statistical analysis add-ins
  • Identifying outliers
  • And more!

Pre-requisites: An understanding of basic Excel functionality is recommended prior to starting this intermediate+ level course.

Instructor: Alec Muthig


“This was really helpful to me, and I'm going to recommend it to all of my students collecting data to write reports and give presentations for larger projects. I think it could really help students working on dissertations especially because of the simplicity of Excel vs the power provided by an SPSS, or trying to code in R. As for my own research, I can see how I will use my new knowledge to be able to initially look at data in different ways before importing into another software, if needed.” ~ JoeS